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10mo Torneo de Ajedrez Conde Peatonal 2019 "" Categoria Sub-18""

Last update 08.12.2019 01:31:45, Creator/Last Upload: wilfredo paulino

Starting rank

1Jimenez Matos Jimmy6411126DOM2022
2Marte Adames Jonathan Daniel6423876DOM1703
3Colon Marcelo Angel Yariel6425011DOM1587
4Rodriguez Gonzalez Gustavo Adolfo6425224DOM1565
5Charles MaryleyDOM0
6Diaz DicarloDOM0
7Encarnacion DiegoDOM0
8Francisco ChristpherDOM0
9Henriquez JesusDOM0
10Pachano Hernandez Altagracia MariaDOM0
11Pontier LuzDOM0