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Fischer Random rapid

Last update 15.11.2019 23:17:58, Creator/Last Upload: west flanders chess federation license 3

Starting rank

1Piceu Kurt219843BEL2092362-Oostkamp
2Piceu Jarid241911BEL1828362-Oostkamp
3Verschilde MarcBEL1799362-Oostkamp
4Boydens Wim237566BEL1791362-Oostkamp
5Vertenten Eduard230014BEL1717362-Oostkamp
6Laforce RobertBEL1712362-Oostkamp
7Decommer DickBEL1706362-Oostkamp
8Mortier JanBEL1704362-Oostkamp
9Verleye William257699BEL1596362-Oostkamp
10Duyck RudyBEL1468362-Oostkamp
11Debosschere ChristianBEL1301362-Oostkamp
12Van Loocke KoenBEL0