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2019 Karl Sealy Memorial Senior & Veterans Chess Championship

Last update 20.05.2019 04:55:34, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1Yarde Neil11100303BAR1891
2Harewood Othneil (65+)11100168BAR1732
3Earlam Anthony (65+)11100320BAR1675
4Barker Michael (65+)11100079BAR1664
5Herbert Allan11100206BAR1637
6Lowe Mark11102535BAR1616
7La Touche Cyprian11104651BAR1504
8Haddock Richard (65+)11103892BAR1362
9Browne Stephen11104767BAR1361
10Bhamjee AhmedBAR0
11Linton David11104660BAR0
12McClean Leroy (65+)BAR0