kingdom tournament for teams

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Team-Pairings of all rounds

Round 1 on 2019/01/11 at 16:00
1  Ryiadh team  Elite team5:0
2  Jeddah team  Abha team:
3  Mecca team  Eastern team2:3
Round 2 on 2019/01/12 at 12:00
1  Elite team  Eastern team3:2
2  Abha team  Mecca team:
3  Ryiadh team  Jeddah team4:1
Round 3 on 2019/01/12 at 20:00
1  Jeddah team  Elite team:
2  Mecca team  Ryiadh team:
3  Eastern team  Abha team:½
Round 4 on 2019/01/13 at 16:00
1  Elite team  Abha team:
2  Ryiadh team  Eastern team5:0
3  Jeddah team  Mecca team4:1
Round 5 on 2109/01/14 at 15:00
1  Mecca team  Elite team1:4
2  Eastern team  Jeddah team3:2
3  Abha team  Ryiadh team: