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2018 Barbados National Blitz Championship

Last update 09.12.2018 03:20:46, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1IMHusbands Orlando11101644BAR2170
2FMBlackman Justin11100516BAR2115
3FMCorbin Philip11100036BAR2047
4Lynch Kemp11101377BAR1951
5CMPrescod Bryan11101660BAR1921
6Cox Akeem11100087BAR1783
7Harewood Othneil11100168BAR1721
8Elcock Corie11101601BAR1653
9Lowe Mark11102535BAR1610
10Barker Michael11100079BAR1602
11Mahtani Nitin11102870BAR1572
12Sandiford Kyle11102349BAR1545
13Parsons Justin11101792BAR1543
14Edwards Emar11103345BAR1438
15Johnson Azaria11103825BAR1243
16Hill Yeshua11103604BAR1222