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2018 Michael Forde Memorial Tournament

Last update 03.12.2018 01:22:21, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1Corbin Philip11100036BAR2009
2Parsons Justin11101792BAR1796
3Cox Akeem11100087BAR1778
4Harewood Othneil11100168BAR1754
5Edwards Emar11103345BAR1647
6Lowe Mark11102535BAR1610
7Sandiford Kyle11102349BAR1590
8La Touche Nikita11104651BAR1469
9Sandiford Leigh11102543BAR1465
10Haddock Richard11103892BAR1368
11Sandiford Segan11103230BAR1275
12Johnson Azaria11103825BAR1243
13Burke Joshua11103280BAR1021