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Snelschaakkampioenschap Oostkamp

Last update 21.09.2018 23:34:15, Creator/Last Upload: west flanders chess federation license 3

Starting rank list of players

2Piceu Kurt219843BEL2072362-Oostkamp
7Piceu Jarid241911BEL1827362-Oostkamp
1Rogiers Jonny220361BEL1772362-Oostkamp
3Vertenten Eduard230014BEL1717362-Oostkamp
8Mortier JanBEL1714362-Oostkamp
4Verleye William257699BEL1693362-Oostkamp
5Duyck RudyBEL1415362-Oostkamp
6Havelaerts JaronBEL0