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Syrian Final 2018 for Men

Last update 08.05.2018 11:18:44, Creator/Last Upload: syrian chess federation

Starting rank list of players

3Koniahli Malek7603495SYR2319
4Alzaim Talal7600402SYR2236
1Hammoudi Ali7600321SYR2174
2Aram Adam7601948SYR2127
5Samer Hendi7600992SYR2112
6Bitar Yasser7600305SYR2096
8Ghannam Kotayba7603991SYR2025
10Khaddour Ismael7601930SYR1966
9Alhammada Imad7609337SYR0
7Kareem Hneidi.7608730SYR0