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Kuwait U1900 Closed tournament

Last update 11.04.2018 15:05:58, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank list of players

9Alshourfaa Hazaa10300198KUW1790
6Alothman Salem10301186KUW1780
7Alhamdan Ahmed10303197KUW1686
4Alsharhan Musaed10300694KUW1670
1AIMAlsaqer Meshal10301771KUW1610
3Huwaidi Fahad10302905KUW1544
2Almuneer Muhammad10300708KUW1523
5Alruwayeh Talal10303278KUW1519
10Alrashidi Yousef10300910KUW1484
11Alhassan Meshari10300848KUW1452
8Alasad Tareq10303260KUW1388