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Kuwait Final Stage Championship 2017

Last update 12.03.2017 21:02:24, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank list of players

10FMAl-Hajiri Bader10300163KUW2159
1CMAlothman Abdul Wahab10300015KUW2072
8CMAl Khateeb Taher10300058KUW2005
3CMMaqseed Nasser10300074KUW1941
5Shehab Ibrahim10300082KUW1917
7Alkhaldi Bader10300171KUW1907
6Al Awadhi Waleed10300104KUW1837
2Al Ibrahim Abdulrahman10300503KUW1793
9Hussain Hashem10300716KUW1725
4Alsharhan Musaed10300694KUW1706