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Championnat individuel 2016 - Cat├ęgorie B

Last update 10.04.2016 17:44:10, Creator/Last Upload: schachclub nordstad

Starting rank

1Ortartchiev Gadji263460BEL1992
2Stern Geoffrey4002679LUX1989
3Mcandrew Robert2404915SCO1929
4Lopez Popov Ivan4002083LUX1907
5Lentzen Alain208345BEL1884
6Ludewig Robert4001001LUX1884
7Schwab Patrick4002490LUX1842
8Mertens David4001427LUX1840
9Rota Emile4005210LUX1836
10Karp Daniel4001818LUX1833
11Mauer Christian4003896LUX1822
12Schadeck Alain4001389LUX1818
13Masquelier Quentin208337BEL1817
14Sabotic Rameza20668660LUX1817
15Rastoder Selim4002253LUX1808
16Schmit Francis4000617LUX1807
17Adami Eric4000870LUX1730
18Lorentz Jacques4003217LUX1716
19Smailovic Nermin4004485LUX1701