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Championnat individuel 2016 - Cat├ęgorie A

Last update 10.04.2016 17:04:27, Creator/Last Upload: schachclub nordstad

Starting rank

1WGMBerend Elvira4000510LUX2359
2Linster Philippe4001206LUX2264
3FMWagener Claude4000471LUX2260
4Gengler Pierre4000714LUX2241
5Schartz Alain4000765LUX2144
6FMWians Camille4000358LUX2124
7Colson Arnaud610240FRA2113
8Sailer Douglas4000625LUX2089
9FMMossong Hubert4000030LUX2084
10Hoffmann Roger4001133LUX2058
11Stull Norbert4000137LUX2057
12Kalmes Rene4000919LUX2038
13Baskewitsch Pierre4000854LUX2029